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Here To Help You Set Up A Online Business Quickly and Correctly


set up a online business

Below I share how you can get your online business set up using a blog combined with Fiverr.  Plus how Me and the Fiverr Entrepreneur can help you grow your new business into something that IS making you money.

Blog + Fiverr + Fiverr Entrepreneur = Online Success

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Who Is Mark Q?

I am a Blogger, Social Media Marker and Business owner for the past 10 years. The biggest issue I have seen new Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business have is – MONEY!

They don’t have the money they “think” they need to be successfully online.

Enter The Fiverr Entrepreneur

With my “regular” business, I teach people how to…

– grow a successful blog
– use social media
– use online marketing
– use all three correctly to grow a successful blog and online business.

The Fiverr Entrepreneur project is about helping people realize that they can be successful online by using a blog and Fiverr and without spending a big amount of money.

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Get Your New Blog Started

If you have a business or if you want to set up a online business then you need to have a blog as your foundation.

Your blog should be treated as your hub for all your online activity.

Setting up a blog is simple, it will take 5 Steps from start to finish and about 60 min of your time.


Step 1 & 2 – Hosting/Free Domain

Start by buying a hosting package through BlueHost.  A “hosting” is where your blog will live online. For me, BlueHost is the best option for newbie bloggers and business owners as it is easy to use, very low monthly cost, and comes with great online and phone support.

“I have ONLY used BlueHost for the past 3 yrs on all of my sites.”

A nice bonus is that BlueHost will even Set Up Your WordPress blog for you!

Free Domain!

Having the right domain name for your blog is very important, you want something that matches your blog’s topic and or your name. You also want to keep it to no more than 3 words, 2 words is best.

You will be sharing your new domain name online and off, so the simpler it is to remember the more you will stand out and be remembered.

A BIG bonus to using BlueHost is you get a Free domain when you sign up with any one of their Hosting packages.


Step 3 – Email List

Now that you have your hosting and your theme set up, now let’s get your list building system in place using AWeber.

Building an email list is the most effective way of promotion and marketing for your online business. To get the most from email, you need to sign up for an email management and delivery service.

If you want to set up a online business correctly and have a successful blog, then you need to convert as many new visitors and get them to re-visit over and over again.

Using a list to attract readers to opt into is the best way to do this.

AWeber is a list building and managing auto responder. Once set up it will grab you new opt ins, email them pre scheduled messages and deliver new posts to them on auto pilot.

Plus you can get started with a FREE account!

A huge benefit to using AWeber is how easy it is to setup. AWeber walks you thru a simple to follow step by step tutorial to get your list set up and ready to start working for you.

Read thru Steps 4 and 5 to finish setting up your new blog – Start A Blog

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What Exactly Is Fiverr?

Simple Answer…

1.  A place where you get hired to do something for $5
2.  A place where you can hire and pay people to do things for $5

Detailed Answer…

Fiverr let’s you to sell and buy services for $5.

Usually selling your services for $5 wouldn’t be that helpful for you, but because of the amount of traffic that comes to Fiverr looking to pay for services makes it a very powerful tool to make money with.

This same community benefits the buyer by giving them a reliable place to buy services they need for $5.

Learn More About What Fiverr Is and How To Use Fiverr.

Read more about what Fiverr is and how you can use it –  What Is Fiverr

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Fiver Gigs To Help You

That image says it all… “I am here to help you in any way I can.”

Below are the Fiverr Gigs that I am offering to help you either set up a online business or to expand your business..

Gig #1 – Grow Your Klout


Gig #2 – Get Tweeted To 40,000 Bloggers

Read more about my Fiverr gigs and how I can help you – My Fiverr Gigs


Now that your set up – Get on the list and let’s get you started right!